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battlestar galactica - so say we all

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This community is all about the TV show Battlestar Galactica 2003.
Welcome to bsg_sosayweall!!!

“This community is for all colonialists and cylons alike. In one side of the ring will be posts of fanfic, fanvids, icons, graphics, and more. In the other will be discussion threads of episodes - talking about highlighted ships, characters and plot lines with graphics, etc. that go with the ep. So pick a partner and dance.”

Hello and welcome to our Battlestar Galactica fandom community! Here's a place to enjoy Battlestar Galactica - all facets of the show. Whether you like to talk about the episodes, speculate about the future of the show, discuss the relationships (romantic or otherwise), share your fanfiction or graphics of any sort, this is the place to do it.

We welcome discussions, fanfics, fanvids, graphics, news and speculations. So if you got something BSG related to share, please do pimp your stuff in here.

the rules
• When posting more than three icons or pics which are bigger than layout, please use a lj-cut.

Please attempt to TAG all of your posts so that people can sort through them easier and include SUBJECTS. For a list of the available tags, check this post

• If you have a new BSG related com., you are very welcome to advertise it in here.

• Don't attack anyone's opinions whether you disagree or not. If you think it could get you in trouble or it's insulting / flaming, don't post it. Mature conversations & debates are allowed. Immature, crazy posts aren't.

• We do not welcome character or actor bashing, ship wars, trolling, sexually explicit photos & real person fics.

• Identify spoilers clearly & put them behind a cut. Same with adults-only & non-work-safe material of any kind.

• If you feel any post violates the community rules, please bring it to the mods’ attention.

• When posting fic please use the following format OR a clear variation of it with proper warnings. Rating is a must and please put all fic under a cut.

If there's something you'd like to see and can't find it or if you have any questions for the mods, please drop us a comment! Thank you all so much for reading :)
Thanks and enjoy, your friendly mod rjsteamboat76

If you have an community of your own and you would like to be affiliated with our community, then just drop a note to THIS ENTRY and one of us mods will add it to the affiliates list asap!

Feel free to promo this community! Copy and paste into an lj post.

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